Safe Routes To School

Clif Kits Available for International Walk to School Day Events at K-5 Schools 

As we all head back to school, it is exciting to see more and more children and their families walking and bicycling to school each morning. At the Safe Routes to School National Partnership, we love supporting your efforts every step of the way – from helping with policy changes to advocating for funds to build sidewalks or bike paths. October is our big month to energize and inspire walking and bicycling to school with International Walk to School Day events and again this Clif Kid is contributing to your efforts with Walk to School Kits with a free promotional banner, products and activities for hundreds of your school’s participants (250 educational sheets, 250 reflective stickers, a banner and 250 Clif Kid Fruit Rope are included in each kit!)

Clif Kid is has partnered with us here at the Safe Routes to School National Partnership to exclusively make these kits available through our partners and networks. If your school or schools you work with are interested in receiving a kit, simply complete this form for each school that would like a kit.

Then at your Walk to School Day festivities in October, take photos of your event, kids munching on Clif Kid snacks or signing the banner and send your photos to us to promote on the Safe Routes to School National Partnership’s Facebook page. When requesting a kit, you will simply be committing to having a great Walk to School Day event, something we know is already happening all over the country, and to completing our follow up survey. Also don’t forget to include your Walk to School Day event on the international registry at

We are happy to work with national partners such as Clif Kid to continue to promote and support all the terrific Safe Routes to School efforts happening in more than 14,000 schools across the country.


What grades can you order kits for to support events?

This year’s kits are to be used at schools supporting events for K-5 grades.

What do the kits include this year?

This year, 250 educational sheets, 250 reflective stickers, a banner and 250 Clif Kid Fruit Ropes are included in each kit!

Can schools request more than one kit?

If a school has a need for more than one kit, they will need to work with us on an individual basis. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate their request.

 Can a coordinator sign up for kits for multiple schools?

Yes. In the past we required a different contact person for each school, but this year one person can sign up for many schools.

 When can I expect my kit?

The first shipment of kits will begin September 1, so order soon and make sure you receive yours in time.   All kits will be shipped by September 19.

 On the order form, there is a place for “National Partnership Staff Contact.” Who do I put there?

Please put “Kate Moening, Ohio Advocacy Organizer.”


The goal of Ohio’s Safe Routes to School Program is to assist communities in developing and implementing projects and programs that encourage and enable children in grades k-8, including those with disabilities to walk or bike to school safely.
The next application cycle for Ohio SRTS projects will be from January to March 2014.  Local and regional governments, schools and community organizations ready, willing and able to implement SRTS initiatives are eligible to apply for funding. Funding is reimbursable and may be awarded at 100%. Visit the above link to access application guidance, templates and qualifications to apply for funding.
Successful Safe Routes to School programs include an integrated approach that addresses all 5 E’s of the program:
  • Engineering – Creating operational and physical improvements to the infrastructure within 2 miles of schools which include children in grades K-8, improvements will reduce speeds and potential conflicts with motor vehicle traffic, and establish safer and fully accessible crossings, walkways, trails and bikeways.
  • Education – Teaching children and care givers about transportation choices, instructing them in lifelong bicycling and walking safety skills, and launching driver safety campaigns.
  • Enforcement – Partnering with local law enforcement to ensure traffic laws are enforced in the vicinity of schools (this includes enforcement of speeds, yielding to pedestrians in crossings, and proper walking and bicycling behaviors), and initiating community enforcement such as crossing guard programs.
  • Encouragement – Using events and activities to promote walking and bicycling.
  • Evaluation – Monitoring and documenting outcomes and trends through the collection of data, including the collection of data before and after the intervention(s).

Ohio requires communities to develop a School Travel Plan. Funding is also available for planning activities.


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