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Workplace Commute Webinar, Tuesday, September 29, 2015, 2-3:30pm

As cycling, transit and walking become more attractive to employees for health, economic and social reasons, active workplace commuting is becoming popular. Personal vehicles aren’t the only way employees get to and from work. Businesses and organizations are helping make it easier, safer and more attractive to actively commute from home to work. There are a variety of benefits for the business and the employee- this free webinar will explore programs and policy from organizations, businesses and advocacy groups on how they help make active commute safer, easier and cost effective!


Introduction to Workplace Commute/Additional Resources, Cait Harley, Ohio Dept. of Health, and Kate Moening, SRTS National Partnership:  WorkplaceCommuteCaitKateFINAL
Presentations  in PDF format:
– Cyclist Education: Yay, Bikes!/MORPC Ride Buddy Pilot Program, Catherine Girves, Executive Director, Yay, Bikes! 150626SRTSRideBuddy
– Health Encouragement: Columbus Public Health, Alex Smith, Bike Friendly Business Program CPHWorkplaceCommuteWebinar_9.29.15
– Impact on Policy: Alta Planning and Design, Derek Hofbauer, Programmer Alta’s Active Wellness Benefits 9.29.15
– Bike Friendly Business: EWI, League of American Bicyclists Silver Bike Friendly Business Recipient, Randy Dull, Principal Engineer EWI EWI Bicycle Friendly Business Webinar (1)

Additional Web Resources:

Columbus Bike Friendly Business Resources

Bike Friendly Business half page: BFB_HalfPage_7.23.15(3)

Bike Friendly Business Resource Guide: BFB_ResourceGuide_8.5.16

Bike Friendly Business Bike Commuting Tax Break Benefit:  BikeCommuteTaxBreak_9.22.15(4)

Park and Pedal Programs

Pittsburgh Eliza Furnace trailhead
Park and Pedal (Boston area)
Columbus area: Pedal Instead! Special event bike parking:


LAB Bicycle Friendly Business Designation – national recognition!
Steps to Wellness A Guide to Implementing the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans in the Workplace (CDC)


Summary of evidence and tips:
Active Commuting Toolkit (geared towards employees)
Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition: Resource for Employers for Bike Friendly Workplaces
Employer Guide to Bicycle Commuting (Baltimore)
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